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Citywide flooding. All transit vehicles are not in operation.

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About the RTA

The Regional Transit Authority in New Orleans enhances the lives of residents and visitors by providing world-class multi-modal mobility services. With an ever-expanding network of buses, streetcars, ferries, and paratransit vehicles, anyone can chose transit to access employment, education, healthcare, and all the wonderfully unique music, food, and entertainment options that the city of New Orleans has to offer. With nearly 40 routes across modes, our vehicles cover 14,000 miles each day, and our passengers take more than 12 million trips every year.



The mission of the RTA is to provide safe and sustainable mobility services to the citizens of New Orleans. More specifically, the RTA is dedicated to building and operating a safe, efficient, and effective transportation system provides mobility, improves the quality of life, and stimulates economic development. Core principles of the RTA include dedication to rigorous safety practices, top-quality customer service, efficient use of resources, and ensuring that the service is accessible for the disabled community and senior citizens.

  1. Ensure a strong culture of safety in our organization
    1. Ensure customer and employee safety and security.
  2. Deliver quality service
    1. Continue to improve service reliability.
    2. As funding permits, increase service and capacity to relieve overcrowding on certain routes and meet future demand.
    3. Maximize rider satisfaction through convenient, well maintained equipment, signs, stops and facilities.
    4. Continue to improve passenger information through website, mobile applications, as well as paper schedules and maps.
    5. Enhance mobility by improving access to and linkages between transportation options.
  3. Use every resource wisely
    1. Manage resources efficiently.
    2. Endeavor to implement programs that reduce cost or increase revenue.
  4. Retain, attract the best and the brightest people
    1. Support diverse workforce development through management training and provision of state of the art of quality facilities, vehicles, systems and equipment.
  5. Be a contributing member of the community
    1. Enhance communications with customers, employees, union leadership, Board, media, and other stakeholders.
    2. Promote the region’s economy, culture and livable communities.
    3. Use natural resources efficiently and reduce environmental impacts.

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