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Accessibility is Key at the RTA

The RTA is an essential part of New Orleans, and making our transportation system accessible to everyone is a key part of our commitment to the people of our city. In order to make it easy for persons with disabilities to get where they need to go, our system includes:

  • Standard buses and streetcars equipped with devices for disabled riders
  • Pedestrian-friendly ferry entrances at docks for riders disabled riders
  • Paratransit service for eligible riders 

Buses, Streetcars and Ferries

All standard RTA buses contain features and equipment that allow persons with disabilities to board, ride, and get out of vehicles easily and comfortably.


All New Orleans ferries have pedestrian-friendly entrances for easy access to ramps that allow persons with disabilities to board, ride, and exit ferries easily and comfortably.

The Red Streetcars that travel the Canal Street, Rampart and Riverfront lines are also accessible to persons with disabilities.

The Green Streetcars that travel the St. Charles Avenue line do not contain accessibility equipment.


Modification of these historic streetcars is limited and requires consultation with and the prior approval of the State Historic Preservation Office. RTA makes every effort to provide alternatives for the St. Charles line. If you have a disability and would like to travel in the same general direction as the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line, you may find the following bus lines to be useful alternatives:


Please see our system map for further details. Please visit the BusStreetcar or Ferry accessibility pages for more Accessibility information.

Paratransit Service

When you call the RTA’s paratransit service, a bus or mini-van will pick you up at the curb in front of most any address and take you to almost any other address within Orleans Parish. This service is provided for those riders whose disability in some way cannot be accommodated by the equipment on standard RTA buses and streetcars or by standard bus and streetcar routes.
The RTA provides paratransit service in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you wish to use the RTA’s paratransit services, you must first go through an application process and prove your ADA eligibility.

For more information, please visit the Paratransit page.

Visitors to New Orleans who are ADA eligible in their hometowns are welcome to use RTA’s paratransit services. You first need to provide us with documentation showing that your hometown transportation provider has determined you to be ADA eligible. For more information on riding the RTA paratransit system as an out-of-town guest, contact the ID Center at (504) 827-8345.


Hurricane Preparedness Brochure

Download the Hurricane Preparedness Brochure here.

Check out some highlights from our Hurricane Preparedness Meeting for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities on our Youtube channel.

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