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GoMobile App

RTA’s GoMobile app lets you purchase and use passes instantly on your smartphone! Buy tickets anywhere, anytime in just seconds!

GoMobile offers a variety of RTA pass options. The app also offers an Integrated Ferry, Bus, and Streetcar Pass that allows you to ride on all RTA ferries, buses and streetcars using one pass! 

Further information is listed below, or you can click to view GoMobile Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

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Passes Available on GoMobile

Currently GoMobile offers the following passes:

Passes Available on GoMobile 1-Day 3-Day 5-Day 31-Day
Jazzy Passes (Bus & Streetcar) X X X X
Ferry Passes     X X
Integrated Passes (Ferry, Bus and Streetcar) X   X X

RTA is exploring new fare products to be included in future releases of GoMobile.
Prices of GoMobile Passes
*A small convenience fee is charged for purchasing tickets using GoMobile

Type of Pass Price
1-Day Jazzy Pass $3.00
3-Day Jazzy Pass $9.00
5-Day Jazzy Pass $15.00
31-Day Jazzy Pass $55.00
5-Day Ferry Pass $18.00
31-Day Ferry Pass $65.00
1-Day Integrated Pass $7.00
5-Day Integrated Pass $30.00
31-Day Integrated Pass $105.00

How to Buy a Pass on GoMobile

Other Tools Available via GoMobile


There’s so much you can do with My RTA:


  • Buy your passes online and have them mailed to your doorstep
  • Save your payment information and past orders for quick and easy check out
  • Set up automated recurring pass purchases (delivered to you by mail)
  • Jazzy Pass Retail Vendors – now reorder your fares and passes in a fraction of the time


  • Choose and save your favorite routes, stops and ride times
  • Sign-up to receive alert notifications via email if your ride is caught in traffic or running late
  • Sign up for the RTA newsletter so that you are always in the know
  • The system map will automatically show your favorite bus and streetcar lines on the site when logged in
  • Developers – sign up to receive the latest updates on available data and technology from the RTA
  • COMING SOON: Sign up for alert notifications via text!

GoMobile Frequently Asked Questions


What Passes are offered on GoMobile?
See chart above.

What are Integrated Passes? 
Integrated passes can be used on all RTA busses and streetcars, as well as, the ferries. Integrated passes are a great value for those who travel all modes of transit in New Orleans and are only available via GoMobile.
How do I buy my ticket? 
In order to buy a ticket, you will need to go to the app store and download the free GoMobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will need to setup an account, select your pass type, and enter your credit or debit card information. Once processed, the ticket will automatically store under “My Tickets.” 
How do I use my ticket? 
Tickets purchased are stored in the app under “My Tickets.”  You should click “use ticket” as your bus, streetcar or ferry vessel is arriving. Please have the ticket ready to show the operator when you board.
**Please be advised that 1 and 3-day passes are stored in your ticket wallet for 14 days. 5- and 31-day passes activate instantly after purchase.**
What do I do if a driver asks me to “tap” or authenticate my ticket?
You will be required to tap your screen by RTA operators to ensure your ticket is valid. Please tap anywhere on your phone’s screen and the RTA logo will appear.  
When do mobile tickets expire? 
Inactive 1- and 3-day passes are stored in the app under “My Tickets” for 14 days only. 5- and 31-day passes activate immediate after purchase. You must use you 5- and 31- day passes immediately after purchase. Refunds will not be granted for failure to use passes within validity period.

After first use, tickets will expire in 24, 72, 120 and 744 hours, respectively. For example, if you buy a 3-day ticket and use it for the first time on Monday, your ticket will expire 72 hours after activation. Expired tickets will automatically move to the History tab under “My Tickets.”

After 14 days, are 1-day and 3-day tickets refundable?
After 14 days 1-day and 3-day tickets are not refundable, you have up to 14 days to activate 1-day and 3-day tickets. After 14 days your ticket will expire and appear within your ticket history.


Do I need to setup an account? 
Yes. Account set up should take under 30 seconds – all we require is a valid email address and a password.
How do I reset my password?
Please click my account on the home screen of the application, and click forgot my password. A recovery email with instruction to reset your password will be sent to the mail address associated with your account.  
Where is my personal and credit card information stored? 
All personal and credit card information is stored on a securely encrypted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server.


What happens if I lose my Smartphone or buy a new Smartphone? 
If you lose or purchase a new phone, you can transfer your tickets to your new device by logging in with your account information. If you have issues transferring tickets, please email us anytime at Please include your application ID in all requests. This can be found within the application under Info>App Info.
What if I am having technical problems with the mobile ticketing application? 
If you encounter any technical problems or errors, please email us at anytime at Please include your application ID in all requests. This can be found within the application under Info > App Info.


Where can I use mobile ticketing? 
Mobile Jazzy passes can be used on all RTA buses and streetcars. Mobile Ferry passes can only be used on the Algiers/Chalmette and Canal St./Algiers ferry.
Integrated passes can be used on all RTA buses and streetcars, as well as, the Algiers/Chalmette and Canal St./Algiers ferries.
Is mobile ticketing going to replace Jazzy Passes or tokens? Will it replace cash? 
No, we will continue accepting all current fare payment options. Mobile ticketing is simply another option for riders to pay their fare.
Are there any fees for using mobile ticketing? 
The mobile ticketing application is free to download. When using the application, please be aware that the mobile service providers set their own prices for data and usage. RTA is not responsible for any mobile carrier data charges that a customer incurs as a result of purchasing a mobile ticket or downloading the mobile application.
There is a transaction fee associated with each Gomobile purchase. The fee varies based on the transaction amount.
Can I transfer to another RTA bus or streetcar with the app? 
Yes! You can use your Jazzy Pass ticket to transfer to as many RTA buses and streetcars for the duration of the ticket.
Ferry only passes are only valid on ferry vessels and cannot be used on RTA buses or streetcars.
Integrated passes can be used on all RTA buses, streetcars and ferries for an unlimited amount of rides.
If I am traveling with friends and family, can I activate more than one ticket on my phone? 
Yes, customers can activate and use up to four (4) tickets at one time. All tickets should be activated and shown individually to the operator prior to boarding.
If I lose cell phone service while trying to use my ticket, will my mobile ticket still work? 
Mobile tickets do not need cell phone service to be displayed; however, service is needed to purchase a ticket. You must purchase your ticket before the bus or streetcar arrives. If you lose cell phone service after boarding the bus, you will still be able to activate and display purchased tickets. You will not be able to make any purchases or changes until your cell phone service is restored.
What happens if my Smartphone battery dies before I can show my mobile ticket, or it stops working? 
You are responsible for keeping your Smartphone charged while riding with a mobile ticket. You MUST pay the cash fare if your Smartphone is not working, so please plan accordingly.
Are receipts available for my mobile ticketing purchases? 
Receipts are available through email for all mobile tickets. A receipt is emailed to the email address on record each time a transaction is made. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us at and we can resend your receipt.

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