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Fall Service Changes

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Bus Service Changes

5-Marigny-Bywater & 55-Elysian Fields: New timetables for Monday- Thursday, Friday- Saturday and Sunday service.

15-Freret: Service extended to Canal Street & University Place. Buses will no longer serve Union Passenger Terminal (UPT). - Inbound route changes begin at OC Haley Blvd., trips operate via O’Keefe Street to University Place, ending at Canal Street. - Outbound trips will operate via Canal St., Baronne St. to Erato St. to OC Haley then resumes its regular route to Broadway.

28-MLK: Service extended to Elk Place/ Canal Street from UPT. Service operates on Loyola Avenue between Howard Ave. and Canal Street in both directions. Buses will no longer enter UPT.

57-Franklin: Reroute service between St Claude/ Elysian Fields and Canal Street. - Inbound route changes begin at St Claude/ Elysian Fields then operate via Elysian Fields to N. Claiborne. From N. Claiborne, operate buses via St. Louis and Basin St. to Elk Place/ Cleveland. - Outbound trips to operate from Elk Place/ Cleveland to Tulane to S. Claiborne Ave and continue onto N. Claiborne to Elysian Fields. Operate trips via Elysian Fields to St. Claude and continue to SUNO via its regular route.

60-Hayne: Evening trips added. Service will run later into the evening.

80-Desire-Louisa: Earlier trip weekdays and weekends. Later trips on weekends. Buses will no longer serve Stephen Girard Ave.

88-St Claude: Service to operate with limited stops between St. Claude/ Elysian Fields and Canal Street. Stops are St. Anthony, Esplanade, St. Ann and Conti.

91-Jackson-Esplanade: Operate service with limited stops between Rampart/ Esplanade and Canal St. Stops are St. Ann and Conti. - Reroute inbound buses via Rampart to OC Haley Blvd instead of operating via Poydras St., Baronne St., Erato St to OC Haley Blvd. For service along Baronne St., please use 15-Freret. - No changes to the outbound routing.

94-Broad: Route extended on Chef Menteur Hwy past Alcee Fortier Blvd to Chateau d’Orleans.

108- Algiers Local: Buses will no longer turn left onto Sandra Drive. Buses will use Shirley Drive to Vespasian Blvd to Pace Blvd.

114/115-General De Gaulle: Both 114 & 115: Buses will no longer turn left onto Sandra Drive. Buses will use Shirley Drive to Vespasian Blvd. 114-General De Gaulle-Sullen Only: Buses will no longer go to Behrman Hwy and Behrman Place. Buses will instead use Texas Dr. back to General De Gaulle Dr.

Streetcar Service Changes

2-Riverfront Streetcar: More frequent service along the entire line during the day.

47-Canal-Cemeteries Streetcar: More frequent service to operate between Harrah’s Casino and Cemeteries during the day.

49-Rampart-St. Claude Streetcar: Reroute service to operate from UPT to St. Claude & Elysian Fields. Service operates every 20 minutes daily. It will no longer operate to Harrah’s Casino or French Market, please use Lines 47 or 48.

Help for People with Disabilities: Assistive services or copies of public documents can be provided in an alternate format. Please call (504) 248-3900 or (504) 827-7833 (for persons with a hearing impairment).

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