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RTA Riders' Advisory Committee

RTA Riders' Advisory Committee

Maximum feasible participation of citizens is a priority at the RTA and as an agency we’re constantly striving to find new and better ways to give our riders in particular and the citizenry at large an opportunity to provide input and feedback in the decision-making process. This year we’re organizing a Riders’ Advisory Committee to provide proactive input from a broad range of transit users on service, infrastructure and operational issues that affect bus, streetcar and paratransit
services. The Riders’ Advisory Committee will be responsive to transit users, will make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners based on public input, and will operate with an absence of parochial bias to ensure that the RTA provides safe, reliable and efficient service to all citizens in all neighborhoods of New Orleans and the Region. 

The Riders’ Advisory Committee will:
• Provide a forum for the users of public transit to have their voices heard.
• Promote meaningful participation in planning and decision-making.
• Provide a mechanism for informing the larger base of transit users on changes and improvements in services.
• Seek input of and provide feedback from transit users on customer service and public confidence.
• Provide a forum for the agency to meet and exceed Federal Transit Administration requirements for citizen participation and involvement in planning activities.
• Support improvements in service.
• Help the agency to build public confidence.
The Riders’ Advisory Committee will be comprised of not more than 21 members to include both transit dependent riders and transit choice riders. It is our expectation that committee members will represent a cross section of bus, streetcar and para-transit users, and will reflect the geographic and demographic composition of the city. In the first year 11 members will be selected as the initial Riders’ Advisory Committee and the remaining 10 will be selected in year two in order to stagger the terms of the members.
For the first 6 months the Committee will meet monthly and a portion of each meeting will be reserved for training and capacity-building activities. Once the Committee is up and running meetings will be held quarterly. Like the meetings of the Board of Commissioners, all Riders’ Advisory Committee meetings will be advertised and open to the public. As well, meetings will be held after working hours to encourage participation of Committee members and the community at-large.

The role of the Committee is to ensure that citizens in general and riders in particular have an opportunity to provide input and feedback on transit service delivery. As such, all voices of the Committee will count equally. There will be no voting on positions or support of proposed services changes, infrastructure development or planning projects. Recommendations
will be approved by consensus of the members. In the event that the Committee cannot achieve consensus, all positions will be recorded without bias to ensure that the Board of Commissioners has access to the competing needs, concerns and questions of the agency’s core constituency.

The criteria for membership on the Riders’ Advisory Committee includes: transit use, community involvement, availability to participate, and ability to work as a team toward a united goal. This criteria will be listed on the application for Committee membership. Members will be selected by an independent panel of community and civic representatives and presented to the Board of Commissioners for approval. 

The application is available on our website or at our A. Phillip Randolph facility at 2817 Canal Street.

Click here to download the Riders' Advisory Committee Application.

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