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RTA Working To Bring Real-Time Technology Solutions To Riders

Recently, the Regional Transit Authority Board of Commissioners approved a project that will soon bring vastly improved real-time information to riders. Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a sophisticated technology solution that will deliver greater efficiency, security, and information to riders and staff with a clear, real-time picture of the location and status of every in-service vehicle. This technology will allow us to share information with riders as changes and detours are occurring. 

Once this project is complete, riders will know exactly when a fixed route in-service vehicle will arrive at their location. This technology will provide clear and simple information to commuters via new applications that will be available to the public as they make their daily connections. It will give people the information needed to make choices that best meet their mobility needs. This real time information is projected for completion in the next 12-18 months. 

This is part of a continued effort by the agency to provide better information to the community. As technologies continue to evolve, the RTA will seek ways to be at the forefront of innovations that bring efficiencies and convenience to riders. 

The RTA is committed to providing the riding public with tools and programs that enhance their mobility to employment, medical care, education, and entertainment opportunities. RTA will continue to raise the technological bar with the installation of the Computer-Aided Dispatch system, and pretty soon our Multi-Format Readers that quickly scan all passes as another resource to enhance the riding experience. 

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